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Children are the future of our nation Nigeria, this means we have to take care of them ,love them and cherish them. what about kids on the street who don’t have parents to love them, in fact their parents abandoned them. wait ! did i say they don’t have any one to look after them? when people like you are there! you can take care of them and be eternally blessed for it. reach out to the nearest motherless babies home and show show love. all over the cities of our nation Nigeria, there are children allover, hawking wares, living under bridges, slums etc, especially in the urban areas, due to poverty and other conditions. you can make a difference in their life.

Apart from the school building project, we have many orphans and vulnerable children accessing formal education from chosen child orphanage, among whom are 3 undergraduates. Many are in secondary schools and others are in basic/ Nursery schools.The amount we expand on their school fees termly is huge and it is more cost effective if we were to have our own school where we can give them quality education under supervision and those sexually abused can be counselled and mentored. We also have the opportunity to bringing in children from humble background in our communities and give them quality education at no cost. We are also offering our children some form of skills acquisition during holidays. Please contribute towards the education of these children so that they can have a better future.

Do it today. Chosen child orphanage has some of those children. reach out to us on 08034266283 or +2348033376569

Help Educate a Child Today

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  1. Bank: Zenith Bank
    • Account Number: 1012159388
    • Account Name: Chosen Child Orphanage and Care Center
  2. Bank: Fedility Bank
    • Account Number: 6060286542
    • Account Name: Chosen Child Orphanage and Care Center
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