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Chosen child orphanage and care center was founded in accordance with the provision of the law to provide care, support, shelter and protection for orphans and vulnerable children, children separated from parents, children in contact with the law, children in conflict with the law, abused children and children with special needs. This was borne out of sincere love to help this group of silent majority of the children. It is rather unfortunate to note that the rate of incidences of cases of child abuse, child neglect, separation from parents / families, child abandonment etc are on the increase BUT, the constituted authorities whose duties it is to provide proper care and support for this group of children have abandoned their responsibilities in the hand of Non governmental organisations who often do not have enough human and financial resources to meet the needs of these children.
Chosen child orphanage and care center with it’s lean financial resources have been offering a range of services and support to alleviate the suffering of these children in it’s care. It has been able to bring together men and women from all works of live who have passion to help others to work for these children under the supervision of the able founder ( Mrs Ayuba Louisa Ebere ). The team is made up of Medical and paramedical personnel, care givers, social workers, Administrative staffs, cleaners, cook, Drivers, security guards etc to ensure that these children were offered the best live can afford.
The orphanage is open to partnership, sponsorship, support group, Adoption/Fostering, distance Adoption, volunteering etc.
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Donate to the Orphanage

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  1. Bank: Zenith Bank
    • Account Number: 1012159388
    • Account Name: Chosen Child Orphanage and Care Center
  2. Bank: Fedility Bank
    • Account Number: 6060286542
    • Account Name: Chosen Child Orphanage and Care Center
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