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Chosen child orphanage and care center is a registered non-profit non-Governmental charity Organization which runs an orphanage that provides care, support, shelter and protection for orphan children, abandoned children, rescue operations for sexually and physically abused children and children with special needs. The initiative was a passion born out of a deep empathy and sincere concerns for this class of silent majority who are not as lucky as some privileged children. Some of them who would have been highly successful professionals have been lost due to reckless abandonment and harsh realities of economic activities. Some of them are leaders of tomorrow but for them to be leaders of tomorrow they have to be healthy today.
We are located at plot 2A Gaskiya estate Badia/Ijora, Lagos State Nigeria. Badia is a remote area and is a notorious place where child abuse are daily on the increase especially sexual abuses and we are not open to the opportunities which other homes in the urban cities have
We have so many children and among them are four undergraduates
Many are in primary schools, and many in secondary schools. Some of them were abused mostly by people known to them. Although some of the culprits have been arrested who are now under prosecution even with our little financial capacity.
For the sexually abused, we are advocating a school where they can be mentored,counselled and monitored to enable them focus on the beneficial things of the future rather than dwelling on their past tragic experiences. We have acquired a piece of land and have started developing it but got stuck due to no funds .We want to appeal to the general public to come to our aid.
To create a safe and enabling environment for orphans, neglected children, abandoned children, sexually, physically, emotionally abused children and children separated from their parents.OUR MISSION

  • To empower these less priviledged children through education training/skill aquisition in different professions and programmes.
  • To provide accomodation, support, care, shelter, legal services, referral etc.
  • To counsel, educate, mentor and monitor the sexually, physically and emotionally abused ones in our home.
  • To re-integrate them back to their families and society.
  • To guide them in all round development through moral and religious activities and practices so that they can grow up in a God branded way of life and at the same time protect them from doctrines that could be harmful to them in the future.

Mrs Ayuba Louisa Ebere is a native of imo state of Nigeria, born and brought up in the western part of Nigeria. Attend all her Educational pursuits in the southern and western Nigeria. Graduated as a Registered nurse/midwife and Majored in pediatric Nursing. Worked in many private and public places for several years and retired in 2008. Since her retirement, she has been working for children as a social Volunteer. Presently she is the founder and chief executive officer of chosen child orphanage and care center. She is married to Mr Abdul-lamidi Ayuba. Their marriage is blessed with 3 children.


At the apex of the organization is the board of trustee made up of personalities with diverse developmental background relevant to the cause of the organization.

This board is made up of multi-disciplinary personalities that formulate policies and implement measures to achieve set goals.

This team is headed by the chief executive officer and is made up of programme staffs, technical officers, office assistants, Nannies, cleaners, cook, night guards and driver.

a) Our services range from identifying orphans, disadvantaged children, children with challenges, children that have special needs and other children at risk in our community of resident and other surrounding communities. Some of the challenges we look out for in children include: cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, autism, down’s syndrome, microcephalus, congenital disorders and children living with HIV/AIDS.

b) Provision of the following support services to our target groups
* Food/nutrition service
* Shelter/care services
* Protection services
* Health care services
* Psychosocial support services
* Educational/work services
* Economics strengthening